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Don’t Treat Gingivitis Gingerly!

When many people consider terms like gingivitis and periodontal care they become anxious. Too many people have had unnerving experiences as children while in dentists’ offices. Something about having someone using tools inside the mouth is very unsettling. But with modern technology, those fears are tremendously overblown. Dental care anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area these days is much easier to manage, and it is very crucial to your over-all health. The way to overcome fear is to gain knowledge.

What is Gingivitis?

One of the first things that can alarm a dental patient is mention of gingivitis. What is this condition and what does it affect? “Gingivitis “ refers to the inflammation of the gums, the soft tissue that covers the jawbone inside the mouth. The area where the tooth surface become exposed is particularly sensitive to infection by bacteria.

When bacteria in the mouth begin to affect the gums it can cause several things that give dentists concern for the patient’s health. Symptoms of gingivitis consist of the following:

If you have any of these symptoms, seek a Tujunga dentist or one near you, and get the immediate care that is available.

Treating Gingivitis

When it comes to treating gingivitis, a visit to a dental office can give you a very good start on longer term care of your teeth and gums. One of the first steps is for your dentist to remove any plaque build-up on your teeth. The plaque is caused by the same bacteria that causes the gingivitis. After that, the dentist may recommend both a powered toothbrush rather than a manual one and the use of a special mouthwash. Of course, flossing will also recommended as part of regular home dental care.

What are the Dangers?

There are medical concerns beyond the tenderness of the gums caused by gingivitis. The inflammation of the gums can lead to the tissues being destroyed, even doing damage to the bone, which can bring about tooth loss. Those who are familiar with the “lesser” consequences of gingivitis, such as bad breath, might overlook the more serious possible consequences of the inflammation. It’s very easy to take our teeth for granted. Consulting with a practicing dentist, visiting in a Sunland office or one near you, can help prevent such possible damage to your oral health.

Healthy Smiles

A healthy smile is an attractive smile. But a healthy smile also contributes to your over-all good health. Keeping your teeth and gums free from bacterial inflammation will go a long way toward this objective. If you are thinking “Where can I find a dentist (near me)?” and you live in the Tujunga-Sunland area, contact Foothill Dental Care today.

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