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Top Tips For Dental Emergencies

No one wants to deal with dental emergencies, that much is certain. But it is a good idea to be prepared for them should they occur. Do you know what to do if you have a dental emergency? Are you aware of the things that could cause you trouble? Do you know if your dentist office is available to handle your emergency concerns?

What Are Dental Emergencies?

There are a wide variety of things related to your teeth that can cause you problems and pain.

Each of these events can send you to your dental office in search of relief. Sometimes you may think you can put off any tooth problem for a more convenient time. But it is not a good idea to do that. Problems related to your teeth can turn very serious quickly.

Most of the dental emergencies listed above are self-explanatory. You may not be aware of what causes an abscess and what it can mean to your health. An abscess happens when you get an infection around the root of your tooth, or in the space between your gums and a tooth. An infection like this can cause serious damage to the gum tissue and the teeth. And if the infection is not treated quickly, it could spread to other parts of the body.

What Can You Do?

Don’t let yourself become panicked by the prospect of these dental emergencies. Some simple steps can ease the situation before you get to your dentist. In the case of an abscess, rinse your mouth with a mild saline solution (dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water) frequently before you can see your dentist. But do that as quickly as possible. For other ailments, rinse your mouth with warm water. Carefully remove any food caught between teeth with floss. Do not use any pain killers on your mouth, as things like aspirin can burn your gum tissues. If you lose a crown, you can use clove oil to address any painful sensitivity in the tooth. But in all cases, get yourself to your dentist as quickly as possible, wherever located, from a Sunland dental office to anywhere else in the Los Angeles area.

Don’t Wait!

If you have any of these problems, contact your dentist quickly and arrange to see your dentist. Tell them that it is indeed an emergency concern, and you need attention as soon as possible.

Don’t wait to attend to dental problems. Good dental care is very important for your over-all health. Infections in your mouth can be carried to the rest of your body by the blood system. However, by being aware of these possibilities for problems you will be able to address tooth ailments speedily. Good dental care can help prevent serious consequences.

Some Prevention is Possible

Regular home dental hygiene, including brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouth wash, can help you prevent many oral ailments. Think about these options for the future:

When you participate in highly active recreational activities or sports, use a mouth-guard.

Avoid crunching or chewing on hard candies, ice, or popcorn kernels, since you could crack a tooth doing that.

Do not use your teeth to cut or open things, as you could damage your teeth. Use scissors or any other appropriate tool.

Again, if you develop any serious dental or oral ailment, contact a dental office near you. Many dentists leave time in their schedule to deal with potential emergencies. A Sunland Tujunga dentist such as Foothill Dental Care can give you emergency care when you call them promptly. If you need immediate dental care, contact us today for quick service.

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