One of the main concerns about dental care is dealing with cavities in the teeth and preventing them. None of us like the problems that can come with cavities. Things like sensitive teeth, broken teeth, the unsightly appearance of decaying tooth enamel are all conditions we want to avoid. Understanding this dental concern can help you avoid the problem.

What Are Cavities?

Nobody wants to be dealing with the results of tooth decay. Cavities are caused by an erosion of the dental material because of the presence of bacteria. They can be spotted by the discoloration that usually accompanies the breakdown of the tooth, running from yellow to black. If you have cavities, you may also experience difficulty while eating, including experiencing pain. The tissues around the tooth can become inflamed, and you run the danger of infections, loss of the tooth, or even the development of an abscess.

The bacteria that causes the development of cavities grows because of food residue or sugars left on the surface of the teeth. When you come to the dentist office you want to be given a clean bill on your dental care. What can you do to prevent the development of the bacteria that create cavities?

Preventing Cavities

The crucial things that anyone can do to prevent the development of cavities, are very basic:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Using less sugar
  • Use of fluoride

If you visit our Sunland dentist office we can help you deal with these matters and explain with more detail about what you can do each day. For it is a matter of daily prevention. There is no “one time fixes all” solution to the fight against cavities. These practices need to be part of your regular daily routine.

Cleaning Your Teeth

The first step in your cavity prevention campaign needs to be regularly cleaning your teeth. You should be doing this at least twice a day. This helps dislodge food residue, which can then be washed away. Additionally, using floss to remove particles that get stuck between the teeth is also important. Indeed, food can get caught where teeth are close to each other. That spot then becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria that can attack two teeth at the same time.

Shun the Sugar

Another factor that feeds the growth of the bacteria is when you eat a lot of sugar and sugary foods. Just as sugar gives you a boost of energy when you consume it, it does the same thing for the bacteria.  Bacteria can be greatly fueled if you have a lot of sugar residue in your mouth. Eating less sugary stuff will definitely help with your dental care. Your Tujunga dentist would be happy to find that you are choosing that method of cutting down on potential causes of cavities.

Fluoride and Teeth

Most people have grown up hearing about the importance of fluoride in preventing tooth decay. But they may not know just what is involved. What fluoride does for teeth is that it helps harden the tooth enamel in both children and adults. The acids in your saliva which break down food also work on your tooth enamel. Fluoride in drinking water can counter the continued action of those acids by strengthening your enamel. Toothpaste that includes fluoride also helps that action.

These simple actions on your part can help maintain good dental health. But you still should have regular visits with your dentist, to make sure you are being completely effective. If you say to yourself that “I need to find a dentist (near me)”, contact Foothill Dental Care today. We can provide the basic dental services that you need.